Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mrs. Brightbill - Our Classroom helper!

We have a classroom helper, Mrs. Brightbill. Mrs. Brightbill has a long history in education. She taught for years and when she retired she worked in a library. She is now helping out when she has time. She brings with her creativity, an incredible work ethic, and great spirit. We are so lucky to have her! 

If you would like to help in our classroom please send me an email. We would love to see you :)

Here she is hanging this weeks Wednesday art project. She created this amazing tree for all of our owls to perch on. 

Owls - oil pastel on construction paper
2A Atolagbe & Peterson
3A Hervas & Welch

Kandinsky Pastels

This we we continued working on our Kandinsky pastels. We practiced neatness and accuracy as we colored our concentric circles. We began filling them in with complementary colors. They are looking wonderful!